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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Track Your B$ Asset Growth

To create a graphics like above, you need a webserver and MRTG. MRTG should be configured like this:
WorkDir: /path/to/your/web/page/public_html/blogshares
Target[blogshares]: `/path/to/your/mrtg/script/`
MaxBytes[blogshares]: 4000000000000000
Title[blogshares]: Grafik kekayaan blogshares
PageTop[blogshares]: <H1>Grafik kekayaan blogshares</H1>
Options[blogshares]: nopercent, gauge, growright, noinfo
YLegend[blogshares]: B$
kMG[blogshares]: ,k,M,B,T,Q
Legend1[blogshares]: Total Cash
Legend2[blogshares]: Total Worth
LegendI[blogshares]: &nbsp;Cash:
LegendO[blogshares]: &nbsp;Worth:
Script which feed raw data to MRTG is:
lynx -dump | egrep -e '(Cash Balance|Total Worth B)' | sed -e 's/B\$//' | sed -e 's/,//g' | awk '{print $3}'
echo Andika Triwidada
Then you need a cron entry to run MRTG with above configuration every 30 minutes.

So? Let's start graphing! :D


At 7/29/2005 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is mine :

At 7/29/2005 6:20 PM, Blogger jdezerai said...

saying hello to id b$ players....cheers you have some good players here....


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